Image Nails & Day Spa

Glitter is our favorite color

in 2008 my husband and i took a trip to mexico. while we were there we took advantage of the spa at our resort. instantly i fell in love with the atmosphere. from that moment on i knew this is what i wanted to bring to dawson creek. i started out in a room in our house and then graduated to a spot above my husband mechanic shop (yes you heard right). not long after that i was on the hunt for a bigger location. we moved my spa and i settled in, but it was not long before i felt the need for change. the business below me had closed and i moved right in. it was quite a lot of work, the place was a dog groomers and i needed to turn it into a beautiful spa. i stayed there for the next 2 years, and one day on my way to work i noticed a for lease sign on a beautiful building in a wonderful location. i gave the word to my husband and without hesitation (lol) hes was busy cutting and designing. i am very lucky to have such a wonderful support network. 

Our First Employee

2005 i stated my massage practice and became certified june 2006. shortly after that i started to add things to my business menu. 2012 i became certified to do nails and lots of nail art courses. i was not hard to see that nails and nail art were my passion. to think i could paint and draw on nails was a brilliant love love it.    

An Artist is Born

 i am always on the hunt for new exciting things to bring to the spa. new nail art ideas. my husband can tell you how much time i spend on the internet or pin-trest looking for new nail ideas.